Business Valuation

What is your business worth?

The answer to this question may not always be easy to determine. If you need help figuring the value of your business, then you may need a business appraisal (i.e., business valuation). We have prepared and reviewed numerous business valuations across a variety of industries. Our experience and training can help you determine the right answer to this question. We have also defended our business valuations and critiqued the reports of others in court, should it become necessary.

Regardless of the purpose of your valuation, we would be happy to discuss your situation with you and offer possible solutions. Depending on your circumstances, we can provide a formal Valuation Engagement or a less formal Calculation Engagement.

Member of NACVA since 2001

Valuation Engagement - The valuation engagement is a formal process whereby we apply a full-blown approach and document our results in a report which contains our conclusion of value. This approach is most often used when the appraisal is required to meet a burden of proof to an outside third party. When you opt for the valuation engagement, it is imperative that you work with a qualified, reputable valuator to give you the best chance of meeting your burden. This engagement is typically the most costly because more work is required. 

Calculation Engagement - A calculation engagement occurs when the client and valuator agree to specific valuation approaches, methods and procedures. Because it is so flexible, the resulting calculation of value may be documented orally or in writing. This engagement is typically lower cost to the client because less work is required.  The Calculation Engagement is useful when you need an 'idea' of what your business is worth, but you are not under any burden of proof to an outside third party.